Seven MHF is a web company that develops digital strategies for the web and offers great solutions for companies in the field of telecommunications (tlc), objectives defined based on the needs of each customer. Innovation and creativity are the strengths of a young, dynamic and heterogeneous group that aims, every day, at a conscious growth, functional to the dynamics of the market.

The beginning

2012 is the year of its establishment, a story full of passion and will, the desire to grow and do well in the world of the web and telephony; being able to communicate and let users communicate with the best tools available. In less than a decade, Seven MHF has managed to overturn its history and create something unique, a uniqueness that starts from its very essence and is based on the belief that the best tools can be created and improved more and more.



With a time flashback, let's go back a few years. The setting is an attic, in a small town in Catania, the image of the majestic Etna to frame and passive spectator to the events of a small reality, destined to do something more significant than a simple door to door.
Thus began a magical adventure : briefcase in hand, jacket and tie, determined to find clients who needed advice or who believed in the skilled skills of the first agents. A very young Seven MHF was trying to make its way into telecommunications, having previously worked in the field of telephony. He immediately joined the Wind Tre manager, marrying a significant partnership with the Consorzio Storm , which will lead Seven MHF to become the first agency in southern Italy < / b>.


Annual awards at the Storm Consortium



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    Top Back-office


The intuition for a more incisive change comes with the web , pressing and almost necessary reveals the need to say, tell and propose business through the digital . The world changes between communication and technology, every usual perspective changes and Seven MHF , begins to focus on a constant and in-depth study of computer design, making use of new professionals, giving itself a double role, more complete and projected towards the future . No more proposing solutions to communicate but creating them .

Web Products

The philosophy

The company has created original products, always up-to-date, imbued with the Seven MHF mentality: "We do things that others dream of doing." A growth project and a strong awareness in building, creating, surprising customers with something that would make daily life much easier. Every detail, every Seven MHF creature has an identity, every consultant is able to identify that differentiating element, communicate a value and get qualified contacts, to be transformed into customers and sales. The results obtained are the result, not only of a meticulous work on each company branch, but the success of a winning mentality that Seven MHF takes care of through training courses, a lot of study and dedication. Caring for the individual is the growth of the whole company.

The Departments

Gears of the same mechanism that works in perfect synchrony.


It is our most creative department, the pulsating bit of the company takes care of the realization, management and maintenance of management software, websites, e-commerce, programming, web page design, site activity monitoring through web analytics, the creation of Facebook and Google ADS campaigns, of the entire creation and management of 360 ° Marketing campaigns. Able to transform an idea into reality, a concept into code, they deepen and study the detail, open minds in constant ferment but… don't call them brains! And to write, play with words, to create any thought, here is the copy, artist of emotions, convinced persuader, is the creative pen of the company for any kind of content, be it any advertisement, description or one long-term marketing campaign. It has the task of interfacing with customers and of transform an intention into a concrete idea, a lethal weapon for the business. Saying things in an incisive way can change the entire course of any company!


It is the core business of the company, its work consists in the verification, control and management of the various internal organizational processes without which it would not be possible to invoice. The back office monitors the entire internal company process, verifying that each step takes place correctly and within the established times, both for Tlc and Web practices. A real traffic controller of incoming practices, precise and always careful to provide other departments with information and details on contracts and processes. Reference point for sales agents, always diplomatic and available, in loading practices, in providing all sorts of explanations ... but do not take advantage of it, he could lose his patience, especially at the end of the month!


What would a company be without a good administrative department? The accounts must always balance! It instills balance by transmitting reports, budgets and forecasts on business expenses. He has the full pulse of the situation of all departments, coordinating and verifying all the work in progress, deals with economic management, management of payments to be made and received, accounting, documents, the fiscal aspect of the company, payment of employees. Punctuality, speed, a real point of reference for employees and customers.


Disruptive force of Seven MHF, they are the warriors who every day go to the conquest of the perfect customer, fight against perplexities, demolish all doubts and false legends, destroy to rebuild with a positivity and clarity never seen before. It is men and women who embrace a philosophy, acquire a modus operandi, study and train, live for a goal: to retain the customer, facilitating him with services that are good for business and company growth, advising him in depth at every stage. They pro-hunt, they scan the territory, they know what they are doing, as in a real mission ... it will not be a coincidence that they are also called agents!


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